Watch These 4 Videos To Take Back Control Of Your Life

It’s no secret that we’re all dissatisfied with some aspect of our lives – big or small – and we’re looking for ways to improve them. If you’re reading this post, then it’s likely you’ve started to gain an awareness of the things in your life that don’t feel quite right to you. Those things that no longer seem to fit your concept of self. Maybe they never have. 

Regardless of how you’ve arrived at awareness, you’ve reached the point where you want to change. You’re ready. But with so much information out there in the personal development space, some good, some not so good, how do you even begin to know where to start?

While I certainly don’t have all the answers, what I can share with you are the habits, techniques, and perspective shifts that have helped me create a life that is uniquely my own, a life that fits me like a glove. My life wasn’t always the way it is now. What started out as an idea or vision in my mind has evolved over time into my new, more satisfying life. 

How did I manifest this? Through the exact means that I am sharing with you here. So, I encourage you to watch the videos below with an open and curious mind. If you find something that resonates with you, try it out! You will never know for sure if something will work for you unless you give it a fair trial. For a new habit to take effect, to truly anchor a change in your life, you’ll need to commit to consistently implementing your new behaviour over the course of approximately 30-40 days. Change doesn’t happen overnight!

Before watching these four life-changing videos, grab a pen and paper so you can take note of key insights and lessons that could be useful to integrate into your mindset and apply to your life. 

Start Your Day Off With a BANG!

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, philosophers, scientists, and business leaders have all stressed the importance of having a morning routine. Even Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor (161 to 180 AD), proposed reminding yourself in the morning “of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” 

We’ve all had those mornings when we wake up late, feel groggy, skip the gym, and default straight to focusing our attention on social media. We fail to take stock of everything we are grateful for in our lives, we forget to plan our day, and, as a result, we don’t feel energized and end up procrastinating the day away. 

This was exactly how I used to wake up every morning until I decided to do something about it. I knew that every morning I had an opportunity to set myself up for an epic day, but although I realized this intellectually, I could barely put in the physical effort to make this happen. My dissatisfaction became a catalyst for action. So, I committed to a disciplined morning routine for 30 days.

In the video below, you can discover the new habits I installed as my morning routine, habits that transformed my mornings into the best part of my day, enabling me to fall back in love with writing and playing my guitar. I talk briefly about the visualization process I use every morning. If you want to take a deeper dive into the science behind this technique, and get detailed instructions on how to try it out in your own life, make sure to watch the second video listed below: “How To Manifest Anything: The Science of Visualization.” 

Try This Energizing Morning Routine TODAY

How To Manifest Anything: The Science of Visualisation 

Self-Reflection For Self-Transformation 

Taking time out of your day to reflect on your life is never time wasted. The only way to really know if your new practices and habits are working to improve your life is through consistent self-reflection. This is why journaling is such an important daily habit. Not only can you reflect on the previous day, but you can also review an entire week, month or year. 

The truth is that behaviour change takes time. The process of re-examining your thoughts and beliefs helps you in changing your self-image to one that is more in alignment with your values, and in assessing your progress in becoming the kind of person you want to be in the world. 

Reflecting on the last five or ten years can really show you how you have changed, for better or worse. I created the video below after reflecting on the last ten years of my life, assessing the life lessons I learned from surviving my 20s, and wow, what a journey it has been! Perhaps the lessons I’ve learned in my life will help you shine a light on the things you want to change in your own. 

I have also included another video from my YouTube Channel, Dabs of Reality, called: “How To Not Take Things So Personally.” The perspective I gained from reading a book titled. “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz, really helped me stop caring about what other people might think of me. It’s actually none of our business what other people think about us, and worrying about it often holds us back from stepping outside our comfort zones, rocking the boat by trying new things in our lives. If you want to go deeper, I’d certainly recommend reading this book.

9 Important LIFE LESSONS I Learned From SURVIVING My 20s

How To Not Take Things So Personally