Hello curious reader.

My name is Tom.

This is me trying to look cool for Instagram…

You have clicked this tab to figure out who the fuck is this wise, handsome, adventurous young man.

You are probably used to seeing people talk about themselves in the third person and inflate every achievement in their life so you think they are some kind of ninja guru.

So instead, I’m going to let you in on some low points in my life.

Basically, so you think I’m a real human.

But before I get there, you need to know that this blog has nothing to do with the infamous dance move; the “dab”, or the popular method of smoking “shatter”.

If you’re interested in either of those things you are in the wrong place.

Dabs Of Reality are little nuggets of wisdom I’ve discovered on this crazy journey of life, designed to expand your perception of possiblity.

So, to continue…

Let’s do the time warp (again?) back to when I was nineteen.

I got stabbed three times and was left bleeding to death in the middle of the road.

Luckily a passing taxi driver saw me and called an ambulance that saved my life.

(Don’t worry, they’re all not going to be this gruesome, I just had to grab your attention first!)

I once tried some mystery meat at a family dinner in Vietnam and threw up in my mouth.

Yes, I swallowed it.

I recently mistook a nut-roast for apple crumble.

A tragic day that had me questioning my very existence.

Anyhow, in all seriousness.

I’m nothing special.

All I have is a unique set of life experiences.

I’ve survived some pretty horrific situations.

And reached dizzying heights (quite literally) that most will never attain.

The purpose of my writing is to share these stories and lessons with you in a fun and entertaining way.

So why should you listen to me?

Well, I guess this is the part where I tell you how awesome I am.

So let me give it my best shot.

I’ve spent the last 4 years travelling and living in over 15 countries around the world…

Made hundreds of thousands of pounds from my online businesses…

Only work part-time or in short sprints…

Got my skydiving license in Dubai…

Got my paragliding license in Indonesia…

Became a certified freediver and reached 43m on a single breath…

Can hold my breath underwater for 5 minutes and 15 seconds (no joke)…

Attended two 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreats…

Became an adventure guide in Vietnam for 4 months…

Swam with whale sharks and giant manta rays…

Got tattooed by a Buddhist monk with a menacing steel rod…

And even bribed a policeman in Malaysia!

And the list goes on.

My point is that I have some skills, talents and life experience that you don’t.

And as a result, I figured out some extremely powerful ways to create a life of freedom, fun and adventure.

A life that I love.

My aim is to share what has worked for me and what hasn’t, so you can learn from them and apply the lessons in your own life.

I’m always experimenting in the areas of business, relationships, health, mindset and spirituality.

If any of those things interest you then I’m sure you’ll find something here worth reading.

If you want to connect with me personally, you can find my Facebook, Instagram below.

Or just head over to the “contact” tab and shoot me a message there.

Thank you for reading this far and I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Much love,

Tom (hates nutroast) Crawshaw